FS101 Máy may

Nơi mua hàng

Máy may điện tử hiện đại với hơn 100 mẫu đường may đa dạng.

  • Mũi khâu
VND 8,900,000
  • Hỗ trợ xỏ chỉ tích hợp
  • Hiển thị LCD
  • Đèn LED
  • 100 Mũi may ứng dụng và trang trí tích hợp
  • Speed controller
  • LCD Display

Exclusive to Spotlight. Click for the latest offer.

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The top computerised sewing machine in the Free Your Style range, available exclusively at Spotlight, the FS101 opens a wide door of possibilities for your creativity. Choose from 100 inbuilt stitches, 8 one-step buttonholes and even the direction to sew. Featuring a range of popular easy to features including inbuilt needle threading, quick set bobbin and bobbin winding, speed and stitch width/length control plus a 7 point feed for smooth feeding of various fabrics from sheer silk to denim. With a sewing speed of up to 850 stitches a minute, the FS101 is the perfect partner for your creative exploration.

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